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MTWorks Presents, “A Home Across the Ocean”

Posted in Theatre Reviews on September 22, 2010 by On the Square Productions

This past Saturday night, Rachel and I had the wonderful opportunity to see a new work by up and coming playwright Cody Daigle titled, “A Home Across the Ocean.” Rachel and I are a big fans of MTWorks (we are really psyched for the second installment of Barrier Island!) and this show was nothing short of impressive.

The play revolves around a gay couple, Connor and Daniel, who decide to become foster parents to a seemingly troubled teen, Penny. Connor’s father has just died unexpectedly and his spirited mother Grethe no longer wishes to wallow in her grief. Instead she rekindles a relationship from her past, an old college beau who is now a successful poet. Daigle’s dialogue is so natural and effortless, one forgets they’re watching a play. The way the individual story lines intermingle and unfold really strikes emotional chords within the audience. I know both Rachel and I shed a few tears…and we had many laughs too!

If you want to see an original work, with great writing, great performances, produced by great people than rush out and get a ticket for A Home Across The Ocean. Tickets can be purchased via Telecharge here. Performances are held at the Studio at Theatre Row through Saturday October 2nd.

Congrats all- on a successful SOLD OUT weekend!