It’s Opening Night!

Well it’s a big weekend for On the Square- we have our Artists Brunch at 1pm at The Brick Cafe this Sunday Dec. 12th, and our Holiday Party at DiWine on Tuesday Dec. 14th.  But tomorrow, it’s opening night for Monroe, Illinois:  Over Here/Townie! After 2 successful previews, we are ready to rock!

Afterwards we will be going to South’s NYC, around the corner from The Flea, as they are one of the sponsors of our production.

The performance is at 9pm, Saturday Dec. 11th at The Flea Theater.  Tickets are still available online too.  For $15 you can get the On the Square Friend discount by entering the code SQUARE upon purchasing tickets.

If Monday is a good day for you, we are also offering $5 Mondays for all of our performances! Use the code FIVE when buying online (no fees!) or come to the door.  Take a sneak peek at our show:

Becca Hackett is "She" in TOWNIE

Doug Roland and Cyrilla Baer as Danny and Patty Hunt in OVER HERE

Rachel McPhee and Cyrilla Baer as Nora and Patty Hunt in OVER HERE

See you at The Flea!


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