OTSP Presents Monroe, Illinois: Over Here/Townie

Well it’s official- our fall project at The Flea Theater is in full swing. Come this December 2010, On the Square Productions will present the World Premiere Monroe, Illinois: Over Here/Townie by Aaron Wigdor Levy.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with Aaron or The Flea Theater. Over Here and Townie are written as two separate one acts that both deal with themes of middle America. Both plays are set in fictional, working class town of Monroe, Illinois. Over Here revolves around a widowed matriarch, Patty, and her two children, Nora and Danny, all of whom are coping with the death of their husband/father who was killed in Iraq. Townie tells the story of one Woman through 30 years of her life, from her engagement to her marriage, the birth of her children, infidelity, and divorce.

Cyrilla Baer, Rachel McPhee, Doug Roland, and Rebecca Hackett star.

Performances run December 8th-December 21st at The Flea Theater, located at 41 White Street. Details will be announced on their website soon, and we’ll be sure and relay ticket info.

Please also consider donating to our Kickstarter campaign! Right now, we are $803 on our way to our $2000 goal. Every little bit helps!


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