Michael Swartz is Puck!

Today marks our last character unveiling…that’s right all- TONIGHT IS OPENING! We are sold out tonight, but there are plenty of tickets available for this weekend, and you can buy them here! So its definitely appropriate that we save Puck, played by Michael Swartz for last. Talk about double duty- Michael also directs our lovely production of Midsummer. Read more about him below!

Michael Swartz (Director/Puck). Michael is an award-winning director who made his New York debut in 2007 with Steven Bost’s The Minervae. Other credits include: Leviticus: A Love Story (Left Out Festival-NY), Heroic Hercules (Act 3-PA), and staged readings of Ingénue! and Canticle of the Sun. NY acting credits: In Fields Where They Lay (Dreamscape Theater); Iphigenia in Tauris (ATA); America: A Problem Play (On the Square); The Tamer Tamed (Misfit Toys Rep.); The Merchant of Venice(Hudson Shakespeare Co.); and more. Michael was trained in a corn-field in Pennsylvania (DeSales University), where he performed with the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival.


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