Jackie LaVanway is Hippolyta/Peaseblossom!

Midsummer opens tomorrow! And only two more cast members left to unveil. Jackie LaVanway is not only the Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Producing Director here. She also couldn’t resist the opportunity to frolic in the back garden- So she pulls double duty as Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, and Peaseblossom- one of the fairies. Read more about her here!

Jackie LaVanway (Hippolyta/Peaseblossom, Co-Artistic Producing Director) is one half of On the Square Productions alongside Rachel McPhee. She simply could not pass up this opportunity to frolic in the back garden with such a talented group of actors! Jackie holds BA in Theatre and Communications from the University of Wisconsin, and continued her training at Michael Howard Studios. Performance credits: Lucy in Quake for the MITF Festival, Samantha in Uncommon Women and Others, and Sophie DePalma in Master Class. Producer Credits: Quake, Ingenue, and America: A Problem Play for the Planet Connections Festival. As an Associate General Manager, Jackie just completed Heading East, a musical reading starring BD Wong at the Asia Society. Jackie also works at New World Stages/Stage Entertainment USA as the Executive Assistant. Love to her friends, family, and Tim- thanks for believing in our vision! Props to Rachel, Neen, Kristin, and Michael!

To see Jackie in action, click here!


One Response to “Jackie LaVanway is Hippolyta/Peaseblossom!”

  1. You forgot to mention that you’re the best person that’s ever lived. But I guess to some people that would be blasphemy. (Theatre people, I mean: one mustn’t mess with the glorious pantheon of Broadway divas…but I bet they’d let you in if Kevin McCafferty came to see Midsummer and yelled out a sloppy drunked “Jackie LaVannwayyy!” when you first entered a scene…!)

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