Midsummer Cast Announced

Well the time is drawing near- Midsummer is upon us! We are very excited to get this underway. We’re raising money (thanks to you all!), our back garden got approved for an Equity Showcase venue, and we’ve got a crackerjack group of actors. Tickets went on sale last night and can be purchased here

In the meantime peruse our cast list. Maybe there’s someone you know! Also Rachel, Michael, and Jackie will also be frolicking in the garden…this was just too fun to pass up. Rehearsals start tonight! Go Team OTSP!

Jackie LaVanway- Hippolyta/Peaseblossom
Joie Bauer- Theseus
Doug Williford- Egeus
Caitlin Kinsella- Helena
Michael Raver*- Lysander
Marnie Schulenberg- Hermia
Austin Nixon*- Demetrius
Colleen Harris*- Quince
Zack Calhoon*- Bottom
Kane Prestenback*- Flute
Branson Reese- Snug
Christine Sanders- Snout
Zoe Sjogerman- Starveling
Chris White*- Oberon
Rachel McPhee*- Titania
Michael Swartz- Puck
Blair Silverman- Moth
Tina Connell- Cobweb/Philostrate
Mѐlissa Smith- Mustardseed
* denotes members of Actor’s Equity


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